¿How to raise children in our technological environment?

Juan Antonio Bethancourt is a certified Technology Educational trainer by Interaxion Group. In 2013 he founded Technology To Grow, a consulting firm that addresses the problems that our technological age poses for families. He speaks frequently at conferences and private seminars on the subject.

Some of the topics he’ll cover include:

  • Children of the tech era – How to raise children in our technological environment (when’s the right time to let children use technology, how to regulate its use, resources for parents, etc.)
  • Customizing age-specific access to technology (what’s right at what age)
  • Practical steps toward building a healthy digital family life


Monday frebuary 27, 2017.


Long Lake Clobhouse
7481 Silver View Lane
Raleigh NC

Suggested conrtibution

  • 7$ / Person
  • 12$ / Family