Work ethic, patience and detail-oriented action are features attributed to Dr. Richard Bethencourt by former clients and friends. The following texts are a collection of impressions and reviews, all of which have two things in common: praise and satisfaction.


Mr. Richard Bethencourt approaches all tasks with great attention to detail and treats all persons involved with respect and dignity. He maintains a proper tone of independence and impartiality. His fluency in Spanish, his patience and understanding of family dynamics will serve him well as a mediator. Those fortunate enough to have him as a mediator will benefit from his wisdom and sincere desire to help others.

David R. Guin, Esq., Louisburg, NC


During his time in the Research Center for Venezuela´s Oil Industry (INTEVEP in spanish), Richard Bethencourt was responsible of the protection of all the technological findings generated in Research & Development. This process required a versatile and specialized knowledge from Richard in law, norms and standars in a global scale. His Experience helped INTEVEP consolidate an endless number of patents, franchises, software, trademarks and joint projects with other companies.

Alfredo Dávila, Houston, Texas.


I have known Richard since 1991. He is honest, fair and loyal, and is highly respected by his family, peers and the community at large.  His character is mature, and he is astute, even tempered and patient.  He leads by example. Richard is humble, and he listens well.  He is well suited as a mediator”.

Raymond E. Penny, Sr., The Woodlands, Texas.


Mr. Richard Bethencourt has practiced the legal profession honorably and has received the Honor Award, 2d Class, “Arminio Borjas” by the Federation of Sate Bars of Venezuela to distinguish the professionals who excel in their professional and private practice and contribute to the nation’s greatness.

Jesús Vergara, MSC

Board Member of the Federation of State Bars of Venezuela

Maracaibo, Venezuela


During the time we worked together, Mr Richard Bethencourt executed his assignments with care, very meticuoslosly, very analytical and deeplyv rooted in sound theoretical approaches. He was enthusiastic and virtues like ethics, fairness, truthfulness, transparency, caring for the details and loyalty are consistent with Mr. Bethencourt’s personality. He is what you see. He thinks what he says. He is absolutely transparent.

Nayla Chinea

General Manager

Ezkanda Group, Real Estate & Property Management

Miami, FL


I know Mr. Richard Bethencourt as a very professional person and committed to his career as an attorney. In this field he holds advanced degrees, including an LL.M. degree from New York University. He loves to study and to learn. I also can attest for his strong family values and orientation.

Mela Martorano, MA, MBA, MPA

Cipher Career Services

Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Richard Bethencourt assisted me in the integration of a franchise contract, comprising more than 600 fuel stations in Venezuela. There, we conciliated  the most diverse interests: from the most rural and isolated gas stations to the more metro and downtown ones. We achieved an unique model than even got celebrated by public authorities.

Fanny Guedez, Mexico City.


Our company faced a disagreement among partners. A very stressful situation that was impairing the company’s performance. At this stage, Mr. Richard Bethencourt was able to contribute objective solutions to the conflict, the result of which allowed the parties to settle against all odds. We are very satisfied with Mr. Bethencourt’s mediation and he has our strongest recommendation. Juan Gandica, for Ají Dulce Culinary Art.
Juan Gandica.


Excellent job helping solve a internal conflict among partners in our small business. Professional and fair mediations. Thank you!
Ceci Bracho.


After many unsuccessful attempts to bring the other party to the table, Mr Bethancourt was able to do so with his initial contact. Thank you very much for your assistance in this case. Your skills as a mediator and persistence in bringing the parties together was invaluable. I could learn something from your calm demeanor. You have my strongest recommendation. Thanks again!
Ryan Marcum.