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What We Do for You

We provide an active mediation. Through reality testing and thought provoking, we help attorneys settle the case of their clients and/or garner knowledge to equip them better for a legal procedure when such outcome is necessary.
We also assist attorneys by managing client expectations and help clients deflate their over-optimistic, dogmatic positions.

Business Mediation

Your business may benefit tremendously from using mediation — rather than litigation — to resolve conflicts. Small business owners are just as likely as major corporations to run into conflict with neighboring businesses, employees, customers, vendors, or with their own business partners, yet unlike corporations, small business often lack public relations, human resources, and legal departments to help them deal with these conflicts.

Mediation offers another way to resolve conflict — one that can help you and the other party come to a genuine understanding and find a resolution that addresses both of your needs and interests.

Court Mediation

Mediation is a structured, non-adversarial process that allows a neutral third party to assist disputing parties in reaching a mutually acceptable solution. The mediation process can be a less expensive, informal, and a more meaningful alternative to the traditional trial process, largely because of the efforts of trained mediators and the resolution being decided by the participants.

We are certified to mediate in court appointed cases.

Family Mediation

Family mediation helps sort out disputes – without involving big legal fees or going through a long drawn-out court battle – instead it finds practical solutions that feel fair.

Our mediation service protect the interest of the family in cases of divorce, child custody, inheritance, business interests, responsibility for family members and the resolution of general conflicts.

Family Coaching

We understand that every family has its problems, a happy, peaceful family-life can only really be achieved with the perfect combination of compromise, order, mutual respect and understanding.

We provide coaching to our clients on their life projects. When we are immersed in our circumstances and we do not stop to think, it is easy to see just the complications in life and be blind to what is positive. We can change our attitude towards those difficulties by breaking paradigms and opening new perspectives of the same situation. We can help you accomplish this.

Certified Mediation in Spanish

Through considerable international business practice, Bethencourt Mediations has achieved a wealth of different legal solutions. We have used our language skills throughout our legal and mediation career, allowing us to communicate directly with mono–lingual Spanish–speaking parties, building rapport and understanding that is more difficult, if not impossible, to attain through translators.


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Designation of Superior Cout Mediator

Designation of Family Court Mediator

Family Mediation

About US

We are a firm of qualified professionals with vast international experience in mediation and family coaching

Business Mediation

Richard Bethencourt


Mr. Richard Bethencourt is a Superior Court Mediator and a Family Mediator. Since 1982, his intense involvement with business transactions across countries has earned him an ability to find solutions to apparently opposing views. Also, the dynamics of leading his nine children contributes greatly to provide an effective mediation for couples and families. He is an International member of the North Carolina Bar Association and the Venezuelan Bar of Attorneys. An advocate for the Tribunal of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Raleigh. Bilingual (English-Spanish). Enjoys playing the piano, reading philosophy, doing gardening and snow-skiing and, undoubtedly, soccer.

Family Mediation

Luisana Bethencourt

Certified Coach and Family Consultant

Luisana Bethencourt is the wife of Dr. Bethencourt and has devoted her life to educate the nine children they have had. Now, because her children have grown up, she has decided to dedicate herself to support other families to move forward their life’s projects by helping them stablish the Sensitive Periods of their kids and designing Actions plans that help to develop their abilities. She is a Certified Advisor by the Pan-American Institute of Family Education – IPEF (Caracas, Venezuela), Franklin Covey International and the International Coach Federation in U.S.A.

Family Mediation

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Accompanying the Family, Building the Domestic Church.

Mrs. Luisana Bethencourt, a member of Bethencourt Mediations (North Carolina) and cofounder of Pan American Institute of Family Studies, was the keynote speaker to the Annual Conference of Hispanic Ministry held on October 12, 2016 at the Franciscan Monastery of Washington, Washington DC, coordinated by the Office of Cultural Diversity of the Archdiocese of Washington, under the […]

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